ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter - Issue 10

May 2002
Articles, newsreports and Items of interest : e2k_news@hotmail.com

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ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter http://reachus.at/enigma May 02

Articles, news reports and Items of interest: e2k_news@hotmail.com Issue 10


Ascension Island: Location 8.0S, 14.4W Elevation 2814ft/858m is a Holocene stratovolcano with no historic eruptions.

Welcome all to issue 10 of the E2k Newsletter.

Thanks again to all our contributors for their input, once more the quality, quantity and accuracy was of the high standard that is now becoming "normal" for the submissions to us.

The "gremlins" struck again in early April and unfortunately a few logs were lost while in the email system between your editors, apologies if we've missed anybody out.

ENIGMA 2000 is reliably informed that its Newsletters have an enthusiastic following on Ascension Island, welcome aboard lads.

Last issue I commented that E05 had sent the same message at least 30 times, it is now up to 82 times, methinks they have a very deaf recipient!! BUT this is rapidly being caught up by M23 which has up until early March sent one message 54+ times and another 44+ times since late 1999??? (per GD)

E10's, another little quirk has been spotted here with both MIW and VLB sending the identical message string (Sun 14 Apl) of TMX1504, looking back through our records I have not found a previous instance of this since 1993, (thanks AB), however there has been only one logging in past 2 months of the strings that were prevelant during late 2001 (CIOA4M2C4 ) but to brighten things up the seldom heard HNC-I, HNC-R, HNC-S, HNC-Z, and HNC-1 all put in an appearance, as did SYN-D2 and VLB-3, see Voice Section for more details.

G04, back with us after a period of absence, heard 04/04 at 20.00z on 5210kHz

CW, a NEW variant of M13 has been "discovered" by MS, added to Control list as M13d, Judging by its message number it's been around for a long time, so possibly previously heard and logged as M13, illustrates the importance of full & accurate logs.

How many others are still out there waiting for us to find?

CW, following our offer to provide predictions for selected stations, in issue 9, we have received a number of "I'd love to listen but my CW is not very good" comments, well here's some help.

Starting with this issue we are going, for a trial period, to attempt to address these requests with a new section, Beginners Corner. We will feature selected "easy" stations and give the necessary info to encourage those interested and also provide a series of Prediction Charts for some CW stations.

CW Matters! - Morse stations for beginners

Some listeners have expressed an interest in morse stations, but do not know where to start.

All times are in UTC [Same as GMT or Zulu time, z]

As most of them send figures, all that is needed to learn are the figures 0 to 9 plus the break sign = which is -...- the / sign -..-. and the letter T - which is used in all the examples as zero.

The slowest is M45 which transmits on Tuesday and Thursday at 1802 on 5074 // 5474. Call is 074 and will be on these frequencies until the end of August. It is helpful as all the groups are sent twice, and the same message is repeated for several weeks.

Format for M45 is, 074 R4 XXX XXX XX XX = = 5 figure groups sent twice = XXX XXX XX XX 000, XXX being a 3 figure DK group XX being the group count.

Another Family that sends slowly is M13. The predicted frequencies for these are listed for May and June. They do change frequency each month. For those of you who are night owls, it is thought that most of the M13 messages are sent first between 0000 and 0500 then the evening skeds are repeats.

They mostly transmit on the Hour, although there are some odd ones on the half hour. A useful thing is that the call is repeated after the message is sent so if hearing a likely transmission of 5 figure groups sent slowly, wait until the end of the message to see if the call is repeated. The message is repeated after this.

The format for M13 is XXX R5 = XXX XX = Single 5 figure groups = XXX 12 times = XXX XX = Single 5 figure groups = 000. XXX is a 3-figure call = XXX the message number XX the group count.

The call up remains the same for some, uses 2 depending on the length of the message, and some change the call every month. M13 A B & C do this, plus the one that transmits at 1500 and 1700.

There are possibly other M13 stations that have not been logged so far, any you hear can be confirmed and will be of great help.

There are of course many more morse stations, sending at speeds up to 40 WPM for those of you who are good at morse.

For more information on other stations, or if you want anything identified, send an email to crripwnr@supanet.com.


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