ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter - Issue 24

September 2004
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ENIGMA 2000 newsletter September 04
Articles, news reports and items of interest: enigma2000-owner@yahoogroups.com
Issue 24

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BT announced that as from 31st December 2004 it is discontinuing its Pager system.

That means that ENIGMA 2000 ceased taking messages on its pager number, 07626 276417
[ENIGMA 2000 Number Station Monitors Group Message 3621] on 16th August, 2004

Welcome to the twenty fourth edition of the ENIGMA 2000 newsletter. Please accept our apologies for the lateness of this edition and also the missing Morse section. This unfortunate omission and delay is the result of the pressure of work and personal illness, I take this opportunity to offer the best to my co-author. Thanks to all those who have sent logs in, especially the Morse logs. Although there is no section this time you will be interested to learn that we retain all logs received to allow archival access should the need arise.

ENIGMA 2000 also maintains a database of articles surrounding the general Intelligence and Espionage subject and habitually files news cuttings for record purpose.

We received a number of praising emails for NL23 and its content and the editors kindly acknowledge all thanks passed to them on behalf of the work put in by themselves and others who regularly submit analysis, logs and articles. One email [thanks HJH] was sent with the request that we actually include it within the [next] NL; here it is:

Many sincere thanks for the latest excellent NL. Professional and dedicated are two words that spring to mind. The work on the polytones is superb, as is the dedication and self discipline of the monitors who regularly contribute their logs, voice and morse. It is you who keep E2k largely afloat, together with all the other contributors and editors. Gert's prediction list is a gem, and has a place on my wall in the shack close to my Rx, 'cos I can't always find my specs! Seriously, it is one of the best guides to this type of monitoring which I have encountered. My thanks to you all, guys, this old radio op. is now going to wallow in HF nostalgia on my FRG! Gary Hagerman.

Propagation, a view

PoSW wrote,

'There was some kind of solar disturbance in full swing on Monday 25/07 which finished off the ionosphere for a while. When I did my usual tune around the spectrum at around 0550z I was surprised to find very few signals at all; even the broadcasters in the 19, 25 and 31 metre bands were very weak and the gaps between produced only a background of hash from all the neighbouring TV sets and there was no activity from across the North Sea on the 80M amateur band, usually a feature of early Sunday mornings.
Things had perked up slightly by 0700z although the V02 on 8132kHz was only just detectable. Propagation was affected for the rest of the day and for a couple of days after. The Sunday E07 was much weaker than usual, the 1830z + 1930z E06 was unreadable and the 2050z S10d could be heard with a very weal signal on 8175kHz only.
I heard a QSO between several amateur stations on Foxtrot Echo in the 5MHz band a bit before 1800z and everyone was commenting on the poor propagation conditions earlier in the day. Several M12 schedules on the Mon and Tues were much weaker than usual and the regular Tues 1850z + 1950z S06, usually a good signal, was unreadable. There seems to be some long lasting damage to the ionosphere with regard to the late night programming from WWCR Nashville on 12160kHz; I haven't been able to receive a good enough signal to partake of my daily ration of American paranoia since last weekend!'

MSF info

MSF, the world standard time signal sent on 60kHz is scheduled to be off air 0800z 20/09 until 0800z 04/10 for maintenance, apparently extensive work on antenna masts. Originally distributed from National Physical Laboratories we are in formed by JoA.

[Interesting that the maintenance should fall into a period where University students have no need of the signal. One of our members had knowledge of a project using the pulses received by a really simple radio and then processed for timekeeping. He relates two years where the maintenance periods fell when these projects were displayed to the staff, parents and public – no pulses = no project]!

Single Letter Transmission Clusters

Single Letter Transmission Clusters;- there are several of these running at the moment, groups of three Morse letters being sent continuously, the frequencies on which each letter is sent being separated from each other by a few tens of Hz. The first one I logged was in the second week of August on 10,871 kHz; usually there is a weak "S" on this frequency but on 13-August was noted with a strong "P", a slightly weaker "D" and the weak "S". Regular checks over the past ten days or so have found the SLTs still on, except that now (25-August) the "P" has gone and has been replaced by a weak letter "C". Other frequencies noted with a similar kind of format are;-

SLT's of this kind were noted active on the same frequencies in September and October of 2002 but had all gone, or reverted to just a weak single letter "S", by early November. [Tnx PoSW].

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