ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter - Issue 32

January 2006
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ENIGMA 2000 newsletter January 06
Articles, news reports and items of interest: enigma2000-owner@yahoogroups.com
Issue 32

QSL card from GDR

[Tnx HJH]

QSL card from Iraq

[Tnx DoK]

Two historically interesting QSL cards.

The top card sent by operators of the Postal Services Radio Club Station in the GDR, the lower card sent by an op. in a certain British Unit stationed in Iraq prior to the ‘hand over’.

Happy New Year to all and welcome to the first Issue of 2006.

The past year has proved to be quite exciting, so I wonder what 2006 is going to throw at us, a highlight of 2005 being the “re-discovery” of E22 by GD on 6th July, its allocation of the provisional ENIGMA ID of E26p – very short lived - and the associated flurry of activity and investigation that ensued.

This resulted in one of the largest international dedicated intensive monitoring efforts the hobby has seen since E03a arrived, all admirably co-ordinated by “Mikesndbs”, and certainly greatly facilitated by the near instantaneous responses via e-mail.

(If this had been a “Snail Mail / Telephone operation, as was E03a, it would still be in the early stages of investigation and probably at least another 12 months to any report stage, if it had even got that far. We often complain of the information overload resulting from e-mail but have to concede that it’s a valuable tool in our armoury. Ed)

When one considers that Mike’s major efforts were concentrated from his own “first heard” of 2 Dec to a detailed report published on 16th Dec that was some workload to be dealt with, and required a complete dedication to the project.

(It is important that members read the 2 reports “E22 Arabic Man” & “E22 Adventures” available on the group site, to fully appreciate the enormity of the task undertaken. Ed)

The first phrase of Mikes’ report turned out to be the most prophetic :-

“E22 is not what is seems!”

From the moment E22 was confirmed as being associated with the engineering operations of a Broadcast Network the station ceased to qualify for an ENIGMA ID, it now more properly “belongs” within the sphere of BDXC, accordingly the ID “E22” is WITHDRAWN from the Control List.

However the current details will be retained in publication as a valuable background resource, as will the related documents.

I’m sure this is not the last we will hear of this station, and it will certainly be followed by a number of members with a continuing interest in various aspects of its operation, so keep your eyes open for “All India Radio – news update” in the future NL’s.

As a valuable learning tool for E2k monitors, both new and the more proficient, there are many lessons still to be gleaned from the behaviour of this station particularly with respect to its most peculiar propogation characteristics – or the reasons for them defying the prevailing wisdom – as a starting point.

As various members follow up assorted leads and tidbits of information the picture may become clearer, or even more confused, as time goes on.

Flash. Just as final NL copy being typed.

From an anon member. (letter received on 6 Jan 06)

I’ve had a letter back from my friend Dr. B. Lalla, a retired UK GP, who now runs a clinic in a country area near Agra – he says” (edited to remove personal stuff Ed) :-

“ *** you are a bit lucky, the brother in law of my niece is a technician with AIR ****, only the senior men are called engineers in India, he has been working on some new things for about a year ***** I’ve heard him say in the past that he has his own “code” so that others know who he is.

As you are so interested I will show him your letter when I next see him, but do not know when, and ask him if he can help you. ***** I do not understand these things myself.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Many of you, especially in the UK, will be aware of the demise of (SWM) Shortwave Magazine and its replacement by ‘Radio User’, which was the subject of some derision within days of the first issue appearing.

Many of you will also have seen the 5th Dec announcement on the SWM Readers list, by Kevin Nice, of a new magazine for the radio hobby.

In that ‘advertisement’ for this new and exciting magazine an initial list of regular column contributors appeared.

Amongst this list was “Paul Beaumont of Enigma 2000”.

Historically, the owners of ENIGMA 2000 were approached to continue with the then current Numbers Column that existed within Shortwave magazine but the loss of SWM changed things drastically.

After the announcement of the loss of the SWM title ENIGMA 2000 were contacted by Kevin Nice and asked if we could provide his intended new magazine with a Numbers Column.

Obviously we accepted.

We were later approached by the Editor of Radio User magazine to do the same job for them, but, having already accepted the tasking from Kevin Nice we had to politely decline.

However we did place the details of their requirement to others, suitably qualified, within the Group, who after consideration did not care to take up the Radio User column and we therefore made a subsequent negative return to its Editor.

[As not to induce any bias Paul & Mike L took no actions other that to bring the requirement to notice]

The two requests for ENIGMA 2000 to be the providers of “Numbers” articles & information were seen to be made by editorial teams who apparently considered that our track record in producing the E2k Newsletters and our various reference documents had “sealed our credentials”.

Paul & Mike L were delighted to accept this offer, not for themselves but on behalf of all our contributing members who are most central to E2k’s success.

As you all know ENIGMA 2000 is entirely funded by Paul and Mike L, all expenses being met out of their pockets. As such neither will receive any financial reward for this provision of a ‘Numbers’ column, instead, an advert for ENIGMA 2000 will be posted within the new magazine.

The Number articles will follow a different style to the NL’s to reflect the wishes of a very different readership. We trust the relationship will be of long standing and bring benefits to the magazine and its’ readers alike.

_ _ _ _ _

Your editors are being continually informed by numerous sources that selected articles / info, and the style, from our Newsletters are being regularly plagiarized onto other sites or lists whose owners find it easier to take than to put some effort into active investigation and analysis themselves.

That this is being widely done speaks volumes for the regard in which ENIGMA 2000 is held and for the accuracy and reliability of our information, which others can only aspire to.

We see these acts of plagiarism as flattery indeed.

At least OUR readers are well informed, and in the majority of cases well before others.

_ _ _ _ _

Now let’s get on with the show.

V26, Not a formal log but Takashi in Japan dropped me a note to say it’s still there on the 06.30z/13030kHz LSB sked, he’s unable to monitor the 15.30z sked for us.

(Looking forward to when Takashi can fully join us again. Ed)

Has XP now been phased out ?, has XPA multiple TXing hierarchies ?, the TX freqs are going very low, see entry.

XPL, Mike of Sussex reported an apparent XPL and forwarded a sound clip to PLondon who measured the tones, which were found to be very much higher than our standard samples. We are eager to receive any further sound samples to gain a wider insight to the possible range of tones used.

As experienced monitors will know XPL never had an identified sked and no numerical values have yet been established for its tones.

X06 has gone into overdrive, see entries [Jochen’s German Report and XO6 section]

CW stations update.

Please amend your Control List copies with “WITHDRAWN” for the following :-

M21, M22, M32, M41, M42, M43.

These are adjudicated as not being number stations within the meaning of the Control List, however as there is an associated interest by some members the station details will remain in the CL as a reference source, no further logs will be included in future Newsletters.

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