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March 2006
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ENIGMA 2000 newsletter March 06
Articles, news reports and items of interest: enigma2000-owner@yahoogroups.com
Issue 33

Piccolo machine
Six Tone Piccolo

This apparatus can be seen in Hut 1 Bletchley Park from 1st April 2006

[Parellic? See NEWS & ITEMS of INTEREST]

Issue 33
March 2006

Welcome all to Issue 33, particularly to the many new members since the last Newsletter, and our growing band of regular, and irregular, contributors – including snail mail.

Let’s get on with it, there’s a lot to cover this time around.

Paul & Mike L have spent the past few months looking closely at what we do, how we do it, when we do it, who we do it with, and importantly how some possible proposed changes within the Internet email system could detrimentally affect those processes, and subsequently E2ks’ future operations.

As part of giving our members a current status overview it may now also be an opportune moment to give a “blanket answer” to some of the questions Paul & Mike L regularly deal with through their private e-addrs and snail mail.

These come from a wide range of enquirers, not necessarily associated with the hobby, and including the main stream & specialist media.

Members can use these answers themselves to answer questions.

It may also help to “personalise” the Newsletter somewhat as many of the initials we use for brevity will become “real people” with a recognisable responsibility within the operation of the group.

A sample of recent, very typical and recurring, questions received: -

How do just two of you produce such complex and in depth Newsletters?: -

We don’t really, we assemble, categorise and edit the information contributed by our members and from the various station “Desks”, teams and article authors, but we are legally responsible for the contents.

We have a terrific backup team of consultants, managers and commentators and authors that make the whole thing work smoothly.

What is ENIGMA 2000 (E2k)?

Put simply just a hobby “society” of number station monitoring enthusiasts, well more or less ;- ))

Do any government departments/agencies have any influence over your activities?

To use a suitable phrase “not on your nelly”, but it is known to us that our Newsletters are “read” officially both in UK and “elsewhere”, we take care that what we publish is not detrimental either to Great Britain and its interests, or ultimately to E2ks’ continued existence.

Who are ENIGMA 2000?

E2k is everybody involved from monitors of 30+ years experience to 15 year olds just embarking on what may be a fascinating, and educational, adventure for them, very many are a mostly silent majority.

Who runs ENIGMA 2000, and how?

The easy answer would be to say Paul & Mike L, but this is far from what happens in practice.

From the inception of E2k in 2000 we realised, and acknowledged, that we would need help if E2k was to be a long term success so we initially planned for it to have a multi – tiered structure that could be implemented/refined/adapted in stages, to meet changing requirements.

Little did we expect that within the first year we would be implementing structures not envisaged until a few years forward, or even less that we would still be considering more changes, mainly administrative, as we enter our sixth year.

Let me introduce the group of members, collectively having accrued some 250+ years of numbers monitoring, who by their unstinting support and involvement, most from its very first days, make almost everything happen here in “E2k land” – one way or another - and can rightly be regarded as the “Board of Directors”, but should more properly be referred to as the “Group Officers”, each is responsible for, in no particular order : -

PLondon, Mike L Group Owners, Newsletter Editors
PLondon, Mike L, Gert Moderators & Admin Managers
PLondon External affairs & Media relations
Mike L ENIGMA Control List & reference documentation
GD CW Consultant.
Gert R S04 & G22 Consultant
Gert R E25 Desk Manager (From Feb 06)
RNGB XPA Consultant, S06 Analyst
Dok Slavic Desk Manager
BM E10 Desk Manager
HJH German ECM Consultant
SiH Group Membership Services
JoA Czech & related affairs Consultant
MS V02’s & M08’s Consultant
Jochen S Manager [Kopf] E2k German Branch & X06 Analyst

[Other members, and even “outsiders”, are from time to time temporarily co-opted to assist the Group Officers if a need arises, where their particular skills, knowledge, availability, geographical location or access to specialist equipment would be of wider benefit to E2ks’ members.]

The Group Officers are supported by a slightly larger circle of dedicated and influential monitors, some who specialise in only single stations, and provide much of our very important detailed observations and analysis input.

These monitors are in turn further supported by the general membership – from where most of the “this could be something of interest” information originates, either as specific comments or by the submission of an apparently “normal” log, which is recognised by others as being “abnormal” and sets off a chain of investigative events.

Together with our pool of regular and occasional authors who provide the “ENIGMA Articles” and topical comment pages.

At the end of the day everything fits neatly together and the final result is the Newsletters, and any related announcements made via the group list.


The continuing quest - S04, Edna Sednitzer, the language used

S04, Edna Sednitzer, the language used.

There has for a number of years been an ongoing discussion, within E2k and elsewhere, as to the precise language used for the numbers of the Slavic S04 station.

The pronunciation although closely related to those of other Slavic Snn stations is also, to monitors, very different in terms of the “perceived audio”.

In an attempt to solve this conundrum Mike L asked his local college for their assistance and on Jan 16 2006 attended a “long working lunch” with some volunteer Mature Students who originated from the general area of interest.

The group comprised of : -
2 x Czech (M+F), 1 x Romanian (M), 2 x Slovak (F), 1 x Lithuanian (M), Mike L and a staff member who expressed a personal interest in the subject, but only observed.

The source materials used were the S04 sked recordings of 9th & 10th Jan and a specially prepared compilation of the S04 numbers 0 – 9, provided by Gert R.

This audio was loaded into Mike Ls’ mp3 mini -stick, to be initially as discrete as possible, and played through mini headphones.

The structure of the session was that each participant listened to the recordings privately, with as many replays as requested, before holding a general discussion as to their individual interpretation of the sound clips.

During this general discussion replays, as requested, were played to the whole group through a battery powered micro amp, abt 50mm sq.

The group were only then told what the recordings were believed to be and why Mike L and E2k were interested in them.

The general consensus and points highlighted were: -

On being asked to listen carefully again to the numbers 3, 7, 8 from Gerts’ compilation and then spell them for me I got :-
Thurry, Zedniter, Artur, but they stated in normal conversational use it would be Tree, Sedeem, Ozem
( their phonetics, not mine)

One of the Slovak ladies then phoned her sister, near Zvolen in central Slovakia, and we played the 10 Jan recording down the phone “we cannot talk about these things over the phone” was the rather surprising response.

I thanked the group on behalf of E2k for spending their time in helping us, and paid for the lunches, then cordially thanked the college administrator for her help by providing us with a small private area adjacent to the dining hall, thus leaving the door open for further meetings of a similar nature.

So, we still do not have a definitive answer – or do we?

Some comments received back from our Slavic monitoring team on receiving the draft report were : -

Deleted designators

A recent N&O commented that although certain CW designators had been deleted from the ENIGMA Control List, and therefore will not be included in future E2k Newsletters (– unless referenced to illustrate a particular event, Ed ), N&O would continue to include any logs.

It is E2k policy to maintain the details of deleted stations on the ENIGMA Control List as an important historical resource in helping chart the development of our understanding and proper identification of “number stations” , so it is logical that from time to time various “possible numbers” will be included until subsequent detailed investigation proves them to be otherwise.

This is an ongoing process in the maintenance of the ECL, and a service provided by E2k to the general listening fraternity. There will probably be further deletions later in the year.

There is no particular conflict of interest here.

E2k is devoted exclusively to “number stations” in all their various incarnations, and any other directly associated TX’s, while the primary focus of N&O lies in other transmissions and has a substantially different readership base.

There is room in the listening hobby for all preferences.

The quick round-up

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