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The following documents are reprints of the Spooks and WUN mailing lists. Text has been reproduced in its almost full integrity, with just some reformatting and minor editing to improve clarity and ease of understanding as well as enhancing HTML compliance.

Besides them, we also propose you the reading of some of the early days columns that appeared inside the WUN newsletter from February 1995 to September 1996. You might also be interested in reading the ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter, and our weekly updated pseudo-schedule section which are available in HTML format on this web site as well. Per request of its author, the Guy Denman's Morse station FAQ file is no longer available on this site.

The Spooks mailing list is hosted by and is dedicated to the study of Numbers Stations (See for more information about how to subscribe to it).

The WUN is the the Worldwide Utility News. More information on it can be found at

Please feel free to visit the Utilities DXers Forum web site for more information.

Some additional remarks have been added which are not part of the original documents. These are displayed green on a black background.

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