Numbers & oddities: Column 5

editor: Ary Boender

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Hi folks, I have some nice stuff for you this month. Check it out !

'Brotherhood' update

A new sked for KKK (to KUA) can be found on 10850 kHz at 19.04 UTC.

In our WUN-special about the Brotherhood, I told you that it most probably is a diplo-related network. Just recently some new and very interesting info came in. It seems that it is more than just diplo-related. According to usually well informed sources, this network belongs to an organization called SOUD.

This organisation was founded in 1977 by the Communist block and is basically an intelligence agency, accessible by all members of the former and still active communist block. The job of this organization is to gather information on everyone and everything - including their own and foreign embassy personnel. They are said to be based either on the premises of the Russian embassies and/or in separate installations. The organization's central computer is located in Moscow, and queries from members, regarding any subject are said to be handled in less than 4 hours time.

This theory makes sense, because it would explain:

Ok, who are they ? Little is known of the ultra secret intelligence organization SOUD "Soglashenije o Sisteme Objedinennowo Utschotja Dannych o protiwnike" which is Russian for "System for mutual gathering of info about the enemy". This organization was founded in 1977 and was meant to serve as an electronic information gathering association between the intelligence agencies of the socialist camps. The members of SOUD were the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia, Cuba and of course Eastern Germany. They were later joined by Vietnam.

The immediate cause for the foundation of SOUD were the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. To safe guard the USSR from 'foreign hostile forces' during the Olympics, the main task for SOUD was to gather as much information about the 'enemy' as they possibly could and store this info as comprehensive as possible. Because the western countries boycotted the Olympics in Moscow, most of the 'enemies' didn't show up either. Nevertheless SOUD became an absolute hit in spy-land. Their success was so huge that they survived the end of the cold war and even the collapse of the communist block.

After the foundation in 1977, it took about 2 years before they became active. Besides the initiator, the KGB, no agency was as fanatical as the East German Stasi. SOUD still gathers information about all possible 'enemies' of the alliance which are stored in the main computer in Moscow and queries from members, regarding any subject are said to be handled in less than 4 hours time.

The SOUD databanks include names of agents, zionists, hostile religious organizations and organizations of emigrants, journalists, diplomats, cultural and commercial attachés, representatives of airlines, etc etc. Information found in Stasi documents reveals that in 1989 more then 11100 names were collected. Most of them included a personal description, the maiden name of the mother and a sample of the handwriting.

Mossad oddity and schedules

On 16-6, FTJ used an unusual suffix: 9

Mike Chace sent me the latest schedule of the Mossad stations. The list was updated 'till 30-5-1995.

Frequency (kHz) Callsign Frequency (kHz) Callsign
2270 JSR 6745 VLB
2515 CIO 6840 JSR, EZI
2628 FTJ 6912 OEM (occasional)
2743 ULX 7323 KPA
2957 SYN 7372 GBZ (occasional)
3150 PCD, ART 7446 KPA
3270 KPA 7540 JSR
3417 ART 7605 VLB, SYN, CIO
3640 VLB 7613 GPO (occasional)
3840 YHF 7760 ULX
4168 SYN 7866 SYN
4270 PCD 7918 YHF
4360 CIO 8127 CIO, MIW
4463 FTJ 8465 SYN, CIO
4560 YHF 8641 MIW
4665 VLB 9130 EZI
4780 KPA, ULX 9270 ???
4880 ULX 9402 YHF (occasional)
5091 JSR 10125 CIO, KPA
5170 GBZ(occasional) 10352 VLB
5230 MIW, SYN,VLB, CIO 10648 YHF
5339 OEM (occasional) 10820 VLB, SYN
5437 ART 10970 MIW
5531 BAY (occasional) 11565 EZI
5560 YHF 12747 SYN
5629 SYN, CIO 12950 MIW
5715 ZWL (occasional) 13533 EZI
5820 YHF 13921 CIO
5911 OEM (occasional) 14750 CIO, MIW
6270 ULX 15980 EZI
6370 MIW 17410 EZI
6500 PCD 19715 EZI
6745 CIO 20740 SYN

Nancy Adam Susan

A new frequency has been noted for this station: 11170 kHz. After I wrote last month's column, several new callsigns were brought to my attention: Baker Edward Charlie, William Susan Susan and Mary Union Adam. Callsign FYS that I mentioned last month is actually FYP Frank Young Peter. The FYP, BEC and MUA callsigns contradict my earlier note that all callsign include the letter 'S'. Recent DF results pinpoint this station in either Krete or Egypt (Cairo).

Various N&O stuff

The 'Russian Man' numbers station has been heard on 6840 kHz at 22.15 UTC with a message to '507' and on 14860 kHz at 08.10 UTC with a message to '139'.

Channelmarker 'R' is now also on 3194.9 kHz

The 'Russian Counting Man' is back on 4633 kHz with endless loop tapes with 10-counts and an unreadable callsign. The station is best heard in the evening (1900-2100 UTC).

The '3-note oddity' station can be found on 4647 kHz where it transmits at 19.00 UTC on a daily basis. This station's id is a 3-note rising scale 'melody'. The messages are 5F groups in AM.

The CW version of the 'Swedish Rhapsody' station was heard at 19.00 UTC on 5340 kHz with 5F groups after series of 'LOLO'.

Mark Fine sent me these Spanish numbers loggings. As I have only little info about the Spanish stations I am very interested in everything you guys can provide.

6840.00 kHz 0230s 11 Jun 95 AM 43343 Spanish Numbers - 4F/w //9958.00.
9222.07 kHz 0104t 13 Jun 95 AM 43444 Spanish Numbers - 5F/w Calling "335", counting. Tones @0109, then "Grupo 82" and 5F cuts. Repeated @0116, "Fin" @0123.
9958.00 kHz 0236s 11 Jun 95 AM 32222 Spanish Numbers - 4F/w See 6840.00. QRM from WRMI.
9958.00 kHz 0301s 11 Jun 95 AM 32222 Spanish Numbers - 4F/w Calling 544. Into 4f cuts @ 0310.
11491.10 kHz 1836a 10 Jun 95 AM 43343 Spanish Numbers - 5F/w

That's all I have for you this month. Thanks to everyone who have sent me information. Keep it coming ! See ya next month. Bye, Ary.