First edition of the N&O column / Spooks newsletter

(Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 17:03:36 GMT)

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- Editor: Ary Boender
- Nickname on IRC channels #wun #monitor #numbers: Ary-B -


The come-back of a column

When we started WUN in January 1995, 'Numbers & Oddities' was my first column. When the amount of other items increased, the name 'Numbers & Oddities' didn't cover the contents of the column any longer and I changed the name to 'Utility Round-up'.

The numbers or 'spook' scene is very much alive these days and I think that this is a good time to revive this column. 'Numbers & Oddities' will cover the radio stations which are generally associated with secret services. Actually, I'd like to cover all fascinating covert-like communications, from numbers stations to terrorist comms and from the buzzer to jammers. Here is a summary of what I have in mind:

I found three experienced 'spooks-dxers' who agreed co-edit this column with me. Guy Denman will handle the morse stations and Chris Smolinski the voice stations, while Jascha Ruesseler takes on the logs.

Numbers & Oddities will be posted as a separate newsletter for the members of the Spooks mailing list. The 'newsletter edition' will be slightly different from the WUN column, as we will include a log section at the end.

Needless to say that we cannot do this without your help. We hope you will enjoy the stuff in this column and don't forget to send us your findings. Flood our mailboxes :-) -Ary-

We start this first edition of N&O with a slightly edited Introduction to spy numbers transmissions' by the late Havana Moon. He posted this a couple of years ago to the SWL newsgroup.

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