Fourth edition of the N&O column / Spooks newsletter

(Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 05:30:15 GMT)

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Editor: Ary Boender
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Hi folks! We have two guest writers this month; Toby with his second cipher article and from Frode comes the Enigma article. Chris checks in with 'Atencion' stations profiles and I am very glad that Guy decided to write another 'Morse Stations Corner', although the response he got was next to nothing. Come on folks, we all can use your reactions, ideas, and input!

Because Jascha had e-mail problems and was unable to send me the logs section, I prepared a logs section with the help of Guy, which resulted in a morse stations special. Further a bunch of LP logs from first time contributor Darren Riley. Welcome to the 'Cloak and Dagger club', Darren! Only hours before the absolute dead line, Jascha's problems were over and he rushed the logs to me, hence the different line-up of the logs section.

Anyway, the logs section is huge this month. We still can use more morse and RTTY spooks logs though. Only three or four of you submitted morse logs while the morse stations are more active than ever. We like to extend our gratitude to everyone for sending those logs. Keep sending them!!!

As I am running out of time, I must postpone the second part of the jamming article till the next newsletter.

Latest news: Chris is working on a CD containing several hours of numbers stations transmissions and lots of info. We'll keep you posted. If you have interesting stuff for the CD, you can send Chris an e-mail.

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