Tenth edition of the N&O column / Spooks newsletter

(Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 13:37:02 +0100 CET)

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Voice stations

Cherry Ripe [E04]

Simon Denneen checks in from Australia with a Cherry Ripe sked. Simon thinks that it is not complete and (like me) he wants to know if someone can help to complete the list.

Revised Cherry Ripe (E4) Schedule
  1000Z 20474//23461
  1100Z 17499//23461
# 1200Z 17499//20474//23461
* 1900Z 17499//22108
  2200Z 17499//?????
  2300Z 17499//22108
  2400Z 17499//22108
  0100Z 19884//21866

# According to Simon's loggings E4 is definitely active on 17499 at 1200 UTC but he was unable to receive anything at this time on either 20474 or 23461, probably due to nighttime propagation, yet Takashi Yamaguchi (who is probably in the best position to definitively monitor this station) of Japan logged it on 20474//23461 but not 17499. Whether this is a printing error remains to be seen but it does suggest that monitors should be on the lookout for a third simulcast frequency at a given time, which was previously the norm for this station.

* The 1900 UTC log also comes from Takashi's loggings in RD Baker's column (February 1999 edition) which suggests a check of the known operating frequencies at 1900, 2000, 2100 and 2200 UTC could help to expand knowledge of the station's new broadcast schedule.

Comments or additional freqs/times are most welcome. Send them to Simon or me, or to the list please.

See also Newsletter 19.

Israeli intelligence [E10]

Costas copied E10 with a special message on 6 Jan at 0745 UTC on 6658 kHz: VLB2 6P3 6R1 881

See also Newsletter 12.

English Man or Lady???

Darren reported an unid 'English Man' on 10240 kHz at 1400 and 1500 UTC. Some say that it is the English Lady but Darren sez that she sure sounds like a bloke :-) Try it and let me know what you think!

The Pip

Maritime navigation systems expert Vaino Lehtoranta checked the pip's signal and contacted me with a very interesting remark:
"...frequency is 3756 kHz with much reduced carrier. It is modulated by tone which spreads up and down symmetrically in about 0.82 kHz steps. Because this is exactly what Bras and Rs-10 transmit, these must have something to do with those systems. A control station? Some people long thought they are time signal stations without knowledge that the transmitted "time period" is not 1 second...."

Note that BRAS and RS-10 are Russian radio navigation systems much like the western Decca and Hyperfix systems.

Rimantas Pleikys noted another voice message transmitted by the 'Pip' station on 13 Jan. at 07:38 UTC, on 5448 kHz. The message was repeated 3 times and was read out live by a male in Russian: "Dlia (For) 014, 071, 206, 500, 634, 850. Kak slyshno? Priyom."(How can you read me? Reception). Sounded in the military style. At 07:39 back to pips. No answer heard on this frequency.

Rimantas sez that the current schedule of this channel marker is as follows:

5448 kHz 5:30-14:00 UTC
3756 kHz 14:00- 5:30 UTC

There are at least 2 transmitters in use, because usually the both frequencies are active simultaneously during the day/night channel change.

Thanks for the info guys!

XT is known as S30 as of March 1999.


See also Newsletter 11.

Unid voice stations

Mike sent me the following note:
A strange one heard on Thurs 31 Dec 98, start 18.45z, end 18.50z, 6646 kHz nominal, Russ, YL/OM??. Heavy TX'er hum, poor stability - varied by 3k. Readable only by changing AM/USB/LSB. Intro "Tri-Dva-Tri" x 10 Then short series of 3f gps to "Dva-Svo?-Dva" x 3 Ending "Konets-Konets-Konets"

An other unid was reported by Markus in Austria on 31 Dec. Markus sez:
"At 05:15 I found something that caught my attention: On 5433 I hrd a very strong (about 9+10dB) male station in EE that kept repeating "405 000" a couple of times, then went off the air.

What was interesting is that the station sounded "Viennese"! What I mean is that the voice was not synthesized but rather digitized and - here's the interesting part - the accent strongly reminded me of somebody from Vienna or the province of lower Austria. I have relatives there and I know what they sound like when they are speaking EE (even if it is just figures)."

Could this be an English Man variant????

2-letter stations [E16 / G16]

Tibor from Germany writes to tell that he has been listening to the numbers stations for 9 years now and that the 2-letter stations are his favorites. After reading the station profile in N&O#5 he noticed that he has a log in his files of a callsign that is not in the list, namely Oscar Alpha with id numbers 039 and 820. There is an Alpha Oscar in the list, Tibor. Is it possible that we are talking about this one?

Anyway, Tibor also logged a German transmission from Alpha Uniform back in 1991. AU normally only transmits in English.

See also Newsletter 58.

English Man variant

Remember the English Man variant that I mentioned recently? Well, our Australian friend, Eddy Waters, heard him again on 10670 kHz. He heard only the last part of the transmision which ended at 1330 UTC.

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