Thirty-ninth edition of the N&O column / Spooks newsletter

(Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 23:48:18 +0200)

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Morse stations

There is not much to report about the morse scene this month. Therefore I have included a flashback profile of the defunct M25 stations.

2362 kHz

The station has not been reported during the past few months, but it is back again. It sends a very slow marker in CW. The marker is usually the callsign of the recipient. Messages consist of 5LGs. The callsigns change frequently. I copied the station on 21-7:
Callsign: LQFI

It transmitted marker EXG4 for quite a while, followed by EXG4 DE LQFI QTN, then into 5LGs = and back to the EXG4 marker

Thomas and Trond also found the station. The station is active for over a year on 2362 kHz or alternatively 2852 kHz. Romania or Slovakia were suggested as possible location, but nothing solid so far.

See also Newsletter 40.


M40 is still alive and kicking. Igor heard the station on 6450 kHz at 1430 UTC.

vvv cq211,835 (R5)
vvv cq835 cq835 cq835

hr hr 2T 2T
= = T4228 11341 8T89T 58597 85T84 525T1
1437T 37978 82982 52685 3989T 89548 4181T 42222
13497 65686 13462 73462 8383T 7T517 ar ar
rpt rpt vvv cq835 cq835 cq835
hr hr 2t 2t
= = ... (rpt rdo)... ar ar sk sk
See also Newsletter 40.


The morse counterpart of S21 can be heard each Tuesday and Thursday at 1702 UTC on 5074 and 5474 kHz.

See also Newsletter 111.


Another unid station with an apparent daily schedule at 0700 UTC, was heard on 12969, 12976, 13024 kHz. Logged on 5 and 28 June, and 2 July, each time with a null message: 792 792 792 000 000


Copied by Igor on 16250, 16409, 19171. 19818, 19947, 20079, 22740 kHz between 0400 and 1130 UTC.

Ids 122, 310, 523, 555. All null messages. Id repeated for 10 minutes.

See also Newsletter 41.

MX - Cluster beacons

Again a couple of oddities; this time reported by Igor and John.

'F' on 20047 kHz, 25 June at 0539 UTC. 'F' (..-.) became ..-..-..- ..-.. ..-..-

On 10872 and 16332 kHz, 12 June at 0235 UTC, 'S' mixed with a probably malfunctioning 'C'. John heard 'CHH' on both frequencies.

See also Newsletter 40.

Slovak mil

Another one that hasn't been logged for a while is the Slovak mil station in Zilnia. I copied them over a year ago transmitting HXVH = LNVK + on 4396 kHz. They were logged on 26 July by Thomas on the same frequency with the same message. Still going strong.

See also Newsletter 40.

KKN [M25] * Flashback *

Officially, KKN50 was operated by the National Communications System (NSC) for the US Department of State. It was the CIA however who was running the show. KKN50 used at least one of the facilities of the Warrenton Training Center (WTC). Warrenton has/had five sites, 'Station A', 'Station B', Station C', Station D', and 'Station E'.

WTC 'Station C' is located near Remington and is one of the homes of 'The Counting Station' [E05/V05]. The Office of Communications (OC) used 'Station D' at Culpepper, VA, as relay center and it was also the site that was used by KKN50.

KKN50 was but one of the many stations in the network. In official publications the stations were often listed with fake locations. A couple of the most active stations have been figured out over the years, though.

One of the most active stations, besides KKN50, was OC Miami with callsign KKN39. Their routing indicators were RUEG and RUEGMI. Incidentally, the tactical call of KKN50 was BRANDY and its routing indicator was RUES.

The main players in the net were KKN39, KKN44, KKN50, KRH50, and KWS78.

The network was last heard in 1997.

Besides the numerous CW and RTTY transmissions of the main players, sometimes also other callsigns were logged:

Note: KKN44's signal was also found as part of VOA's feeder signal.

In addition to the callsigns mentioned above, several publications have listed a larger number of stations, stating that they were part of this network too. I could not find any logs of these stations though, which does not mean that they did not exist of course. I have made a compilation of all the callsigns that were mentioned. Here is the list.



See also Newsletter 40.


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