Forty-second edition of the N&O column / Spooks newsletter

(Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 21:29:47 +0100)

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Morse stations


I found this M10 transmission on 8190 kHz, 1500 UTC, 8 October 2001

555 555 555 434 434 434 29 (R5)
47 47 29 29 = =
33624 33624 58568 58568 11715 11715 992T2 992T2 967T6 967T6
88494 88494 751T4 751T4 2T166 2T166 18668 18668 8TT36 8TT36
47165 47165 962T8 962T8 4T817 4T817 34TT9 34TT9 57176 57176
328T8 328T8 8T332 8T332 229T7 229T7 51T1T 51T1T 167T4 167T4
5T149 5T149 2TT13 2TT13 82445 82445 37812 37812 26T35 26T35
72541 72541 T1124 T1124 98962 98962 8T31T 8T31T = =
47 47 29 29


The only other reports come from Mark Slaten, who copied the following M10 transmissions in October:

13-10 Sat 0410 UTC 5470 kHz 555x3 186x3 23 450x3 29 (R5)
21-10 Sun 0410 UTC 5470 kHz 555x3 186x3 29 450x3 34 (R5)
14-10 Sun 0210 UTC 5737 kHz 555x3 186x3 23 450x3 29 (R5)
14-10 Sun 0210 UTC 6780 kHz 555x3 186x3 23 450x3 29 (R5)
13-10 Sat 0410 UTC 7745 kHz 555x3 186x3 23 450x3 29 (R5)
21-10 Sun 0410 UTC 7745 kHz 555x3 186x3 29 450x3 34 (R5)
20-10 Sat 0700 UTC 10922 kHz 555x3 127x3 19 509x3 27 (R5)


See also Newsletter 43.


Last month I said that M13 was slowing down. According to one of our UK correspondents, this is not the case. It is still very active. It changes its frequencies each month. So folks, if you are in for a challenge, then try to find the frequencies :-)

Check for the following id's:
M13 : 253, 254, 261, 272, 284, 346, 378, 411, 448, 456, 458, 517, 714, 746, 757, 823.
These id's are used for months.

M13 A, B and C have a different id each month and used these in September: M13A: 926, M13B: 323, M13C: 610.

Thanks for the info, OM.

See also Newsletter 43.

Russian air defence [M21]

Tomonori Izumi heard M21 on two frequencies in Japan: 4559 and 6979 kHz. I heard M21 myself on: 3228.4, 4032, 5201, 5731.6, and 5873 kHz.

See also Newsletter 43.


Mark Slaten reports that M24 has all of a sudden, quit most of its schedules. It happened after the Russians announced the closure of the Lourdes facilities in Cuba. Strange... It may be related, but Lourdes is/was a sigint facility. As far as I know the transmitters are/were at a different location.

See also Newsletter 116.


In addition to the M25 Flashback in the July edition of N&O, Iso sent me the id's of various stations that he has heard in the 70's and 80's.

Following the attacks on the USA on 11 September, Mike L wrote:

"Checking my archived logs there was no significant increase in traffic prior/during/after any of the major world incidents/events, including the Gulf War, of the past 15 years with the exception of the assassination of Prime Minister Begin of Israel when E10 went into overdrive for a short period of time."

Harry Helms reacts:

"Checking my logs for the Gulf War period, I likewise noted no unusual numbers stations activity in that period. However, the "KKN" network of CW stations (personified by the nightly KKN50 QRA marker on 6929.5 kHz) went wild during that period. Activity was especially high on Jan. 16, 1991, when Desert Storm was launched.
Instead of the machine-sent marker, there was much high-speed (25+ wpm)
CW traffic involving such stations as KWT91, KWT94, KGN39, KRC81, etc.
Messages passed were short and cryptic ("QJK 1 ZTA3? Q EEE QJK 1 ZTA3 K") and the sending was often sloppy, apparently with a hand key. Most messages were passed within five minutes of the hour and half-hour, and the KKN50 QRA marker resumed when the traffic was passed. This unusual activity lasted until January 19. Don Schimmel in Virginia and the late Dave White in Maine also noted this activity. See "The Underground Frequency Guide" by Don Schimmel (available from Universal Radio) for more details.
Although the "KKN" network went silent along with the 4D stations from Warrenton, it might be worth listening to 6929.5 and vicinity when the Infinite Justice" bombs start flying."

Interesting remarks, gentlemen. Thanks for sharing them with us.


One of the stations that was reported almost daily in 1999/2000 is either less active, or no-one bothers to report it anymore. M51 is however still alive as both Geoff Halligey and I copied the station.

See also Newsletter 44.

It used 3616, 5479.5 and 5810 kHz in October. The format is still the same:
= NR 80 O 0923:27:31 2000 = 5LGs

Channel markers / Cluster beacons [MX]

Vladivostok marker "F" was heard on 3593 and 10307 kHz.

The 'Squeaky Wheel' channel marker is still on its new frequency of 3828,6 kHz.

See also Newsletter 44 for more about MX and the Squeaky Wheel.


The Mid Atlantic DXer copied an unid station that sent nothing but '555' for at least 20 minutes. It was on 19299 kHz at 1905 UTC on 13 October.

Geoff Halligey stumbled over this (military?) morse station on 13 October. It transmitted on 10436 kHz. There was no callsign. It was clearly working with a station on an other frequency asking for a repeat transmission of various groups (AA = all after), such as:

0941 UTC VVV NW AA 200952 47327 AA 48808
1010   VVV K
1104   69797 AA K
1130   07369 VVV 461 AA 92147
1330   AA 05432 AA 29260 K AS AS AS (wait, wait, wait)
1340   VVV AA K
1717   VVV NW (now) 431 AA 92777 AA 26152 K


431 and 461 could be message numbers.

The beacons reported here last month are most probably fishing beacons or something like that. So, I will no longer mention them in N&O but in the 'Ute Round-up' column instead.

Another unid

This unid station was first heard by Geoff Halligey on 6 October, on 12111 kHz. This morse station sent every 15 minutes badly hand keyed messages during several days and then disappeared or changed to an yet unknown frequency. I have no idea who or what it is. 12111 kHz was used till 1200 UTC. I discovered the station in the late European evening at 2115, 2130 and 2145 UTC on 3084 kHz, but nothing at 2200 UTC (which is midnight in W.Europe) or later. SA2N is probably the callsign of the station. The signal was quite strong in the UK and Holland. If you know more about this station, please let me know.

Sample messages:

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