Fifty-second edition of the N&O column / Spooks newsletter

(Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 13:52:49 +0200)

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Intelligence news

UK / Cyprus

A few news snippets about the new antenna in Akrotiri. The same site that hosts the Lincolnshire Poacher.

Some 20 members of Cyprus Ecologists - Environmentalists Movement started yesterday evening a peaceful demonstration against the erection of a huge new antenna by the British Bases, at Akrotiri Salt Lake, within the Bases area, near the southern coastal town of Limassol. The demonstrators, holding pickets saying "Antennas = Death", "Antennas = Cancer", "Save the Akrotiri wildlife sanctuary" blocked the road outside the Bases and deny access to British Bases military and police vehicles as well as to diggers and other vehicles which the British will have to use to build the antenna. British Bases Administrative Secretary Gavin Barlow said yesterday the Bases were ready to proceed with the building of the antenna, named "Pluto", by clearing up some of the area. He said local residents should not worry since surveys by an international team of experts have shown that positive environmental benefits will come out by this project.

The British Bases are ready to restart works to install a huge antenna at Akrotiri Salt Lake this summer, based on the results of a study by independent experts from Malta, Canada, Portugal, Norway and South Africa, who evaluated other studies on the environmental effects from the construction and operation of the antenna.

UK Green Party condemns Britain's bid to install huge antenna.

London, Aug 16 (CNA) -- The UK Green Party has condemned the British government's bid to install a 100-metre-high antenna at Akrotiri Salt Lake, on Cyprus' southern coast. The UK Greens' stance is included in a joint statement signed by Green peer Lord Beaumont, Green member of Scottish Parliament Robin Harper, the UK Green MEP's and the leader of the Greens on the London Assembly.

[Source: Various news items from CNA - CYPRUS NEWS AGENCY]

And now for something completely different..........

South Africa

Johannesburg -- Oudtshoorn ostrich breeders are taking drastic action to stop the theft of their trade secrets by foreigners. Ostrich farmers have gathered for an unprecedented "counter espionage" meeting to catalogue national secrets about the industry in South Africa and stop foreign "spying".

The drastic move follows new revelations that agriculture "spies" from half a dozen countries - often posing as tourists - are ripping off South Africa's coveted ostrich farming secrets to start their own industries. The meeting comes almost 100 years after South Africans invented ostrich spying - with capers like smuggling a breed from under the nose of the French Foreign Legion. Recently, a diplomatic storm followed a claim by John Sunde, acting chief director of the Department of Foreign Affairs' Middle East directorate, that officials from Iran had spied on Oudtshoorn farms with video cameras, and had then returned home to copy the farms.

[Source: Sunday Times (Johannesburg)]

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