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Intelligence profile - Cyprus


A former British colony, Cyprus received independence in 1960 following years of resistance to British rule. Tensions between the Greek Cypriot majority and Turkish Cypriot minority came to a head in December 1963, when violence broke out in the capital of Nicosia. Despite the deployment of UN peacekeepers in 1964, sporadic intercommunal violence continued forcing most Turkish Cypriots into enclaves throughout the island. In 1974, a Greek-sponsored attempt to seize the government was met by military intervention from Turkey , which soon controlled more than a third of the island. In 1983, the Turkish-held area declared itself the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ," but it is recognized only by Turkey . The latest two-year round of UN-brokered direct talks - between the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities to reach an agreement to reunite the divided island - ended when the Greek Cypriots rejected the UN settlement plan in an April 2004 referendum. The entire island entered the EU on 1 May 2004, although the EU acquis - the body of common rights and obligations - applies only to the areas under direct Republic of Cyprus control. At present, every Cypriot carrying a Cyprus passport has the status of a European citizen; however, EU laws do not apply to north Cyprus . Nicosia continues to oppose EU efforts to establish direct trade and economic links to north Cyprus as a way of encouraging the Turkish Cypriot community to continue to support reunification.


Country : Republic of Cyprus ( Cyprus )
Capital : Nicosia
Note : The Turkish Cypriot community (north Cyprus ) refers to itself as the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus " (TRNC). TRNC declared its independence on 15 November 1983 but is recognized only by Turkey.
Administrative divisions :  
  6 districts : Famagusta, Kyrenia, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos.
  Note: Turkish Cypriot area's administrative divisions include Kyrenia, all but a small part of Famagusta, and small parts of Lefkosia (Nicosia) and Larnaca.

Military & security

Military branches:


Cyprus is a popular resort for agents of many countries. Larnaca International Airport hosts many flights to and from many Arab and Western countries and it is said that Cyprus is a meeting place and hub for agents of many countries. In the past few years we could read about it in the newspapers. Agents from Israel , Iran , Palestine, Turkey , USA , UK , Syria , to name just a few, were spotted in Cyprus . The British secret service uses the military transmitter facilities in the country to air its messages on HF. The station is known to DXers as "E03" a.k.a. the "Lincolnshire Poacher". On 27-2-2000, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) broadcasted a TV story on Numbers Stations. With help from Cypriot radio amateurs, reporter George Georgiou managed to prove, using signal strength and DF, that Lincolnshire Poacher is transmitting from a RAF Unit in the SBA in Akrotiri. But, as DF showed, there could be another two, smaller transmitters somewhere in the Middle East, probably Oman . The main transmission, though, emanates from the RAF Unit in Akrotiri. (Pictures at

Cyprus infomration service

The CYPRUS INFORMATION SERVICE is a small intelligence unit concerned with both security matters and common crime. It receives its directions from the President of the Republic.

Greek Cypriot police

The chief of the Cyprus Police Force is responsible to the minister of the interior. There are five special units:

The PORT AND MARINE POLICE provides policing in the territorial waters of Cyprus .

The PRESIDENTIAL GUARD has the following duties:

The MOBILE IMMEDIATE ACTION UNITS are the special forces of the Police which is in the services of citizens with specific missions, and duties that relate to the safety of the state. It is responsible both for enforcing Law and Order and providing any provision to the public.

The KyP, Kendrikeeyperisia Pleiroforion or CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE SERVICE is the intelligence unit of the Cyprus Police. It is responsible for the collection, the evaluation and exploitation of information that concerns the safety of State.

Turkish Cypriot police

The Turkish Cypriot Police organization is divided into two major components, the central and provincial organizations. The director general of the police reports to the commander of the Turkish Cypriot Security Force. Like the Greek Cypriot Police the TCP also has Mobile Immediate Action Units, a Narcotics Unit and an Intelligence Unit.


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